Its finally here......the 2021 Car Crusie-In and Car Show season.....As you can see QC3 rolled out to Ocean City Maryland Cruise-in and paid hommage to our former President Gordan Duncan... The license plate was a nice touch from Jamison Jones...

Rest in Peace Big G......One Love


Welcome to the Queens Classic Club Website 

We Have Our Shift Together....



The Queens Classic Car Club Inc. began after a collaboartion that began in 2011 with a call  for people in the St. Albans area,who owned classic cars.  The South Queens Park Association at Roy Wilkins Park wanted to have have a local car show in the St Albans area, which was to be its first.


With the support of SQPA,  the first ever car show was held August 2011. The August 2012 show attracted over 80 cars from the five boroughs and Long Island.  In September 2012, it was decided that the participants in the SQPA car show would start a club and promote car shows in the St Albans area. In Jauary 2013, The Queens Classic Car Club was incorporated.


The shows are held were at Roy Wilkins Park on  the first Sunday in August. This years show was held August 6th and 140+ cars were present for the public to see.  

The Queens Classic Car Club is dedicated to promoting the classic car hobby. We celebrate the automobiles of the past and educate people and our youth of their historical significance.

The Queens Classic Car Club networks with other car clubs and non- profit organizations to create endeavors which mentor young people that provide positive activites to channel their energies.